How much does a MU-MIX License cost?

The initial investment is $150,000, with total investment between $200,000 – $225,000, depending on existing resources.

How do I finance my MU-MIX License?

 If financing is desired, consider the following options:

  • Secure a new business loan, personally guaranteeing the loan.
  • Using your existing equipment or real estate as collateral.
  • Using an investment or IRA account as collateral.
  • Utilizing a MU-MIX preferred third-part lender.
How much training do I receive as a MU-MIX License Holder?

You and your designated manager (if any) and up to three employees will participate in an on-site initial training and familiarization course, typically one week in duration.  Startup training includes operations, product knowledge, and marketing recommendations.  A MU-MIX field representative will provide additional assistance beyond training week as needed.

Will I have an Exclusive Territory?

Yes, every MU-MIX License Holder is awarded a designated license agreement area. Your area of primary responsibility will be determined by population base or geographical area.

What is the Term of the MU-MIX License Agreement?

The MU-MIX License Agreement is an open-ended contract.

What intellectual property would I get from The MU-MIX Corporation as a new MU-MIX License Holder?

MU-MIX trade names and logos.
The MU-MIX Corporation’s comprehensive training and support.
MU-MIX recommended marketing quick tips and templates.

Are any special certifications required to install MU-MIX?

No, but the MU-MIX License Holder is required to complete comprehensive training provided by The MU-MIX Corporation.

Who would be my target customer for lead generation?

We have two classifications for the typical job: Residential and Commercial. The opportunities are virtually limitless – any person or business that might require pavement revitalization. Additional information will be provided in the MU-MIX Startup Package.

How soon can I start installing the MU-MIX product? How long does the process take?

The typical road to becoming a MU-MIX License Holder takes approximately 60 days, after which comprehensive training must be completed. An existing business can expect to begin installing the MU-MIX product in as little as 90 days after submitting the initial Request for Information form.

How many employees does it take to properly install MU-MIX?

We recommend 2 – 3 employees for proper MU-MIX installation.

What are the requirements to becoming a MU-MIX License Holder?

The MU-MIX Corporation will evaluate proposed operating structures on a case-by-case basis, but prefer any existing businesses in the construction industry (regardless of trade or business size). MU-MIX is a great additional add-on profit center with low overhead and capital outlay requirements.

What’s my next step?

Complete a Request Information Form and a MU-MIX representative will be in contact soon!