Company History


Company History

Our History

In the early 1940’s, company founder John Walaschek (an Air Force pilot and chemical engineer) started a small Asphalt Sealcoating Business in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Over time, he became frustrated with the poor results of conventional sealcoating methods and began looking for ways to enhance the asphalt coating process.

Over the next decade, John worked with several chemical engineers to design a product that would allow a heavyweight aggregate to be suspended in liquid coal tar. This process was finalized in 1950 and Patented in 1952. Walaschek & Associates, Inc. has specialized in providing this heavy-duty protective overlay and traction coating for re-surfacing asphalt pavements ever since.

When the FAA determined there should be a specification for both Military and commercial heavy-duty protective coating for asphalt pavements, John worked with chemical engineers across the United States and the Airport Consultants Council until discovering the solution to repair asphalt surfaces without extraction: Item P-628 RUBBERIZED COAL-TAR EMULSION SLURRY SEAL COAT, Change 1-April 4,1996.

This new material was of great interest to the Military and FAA because they had a serious problem when landing on wet pavements due to low traction. A coefficient friction of .5 was considered dangerous when landing new high-speed commercial and military aircraft back in 1995. A coefficient friction of 8.5 was achieved via this new solution, which was seen as a satisfactory increase in runway friction and a product with excellent service life.

“MU”, the Greek coefficient for friction, felt only fitting for the uniform traction coating that we use.
Thus, MU-MIX was born!

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