ECONOCOAT® Sealcoating For Asphalt Pavements


Asphalt pavements are comprised of approximately 92% stone and 8% binder.

Asphalt pavements seldom wear out but are destroyed by external factors.  Sunlight, wind and rain combine to dry out the pavements.  Gasoline and oil cause the pavement to soften and separate from its base.  When protected from these external factors, an asphalt pavement can last indefinitely.

ECONOCOAT represents a new and improved development in the field of coal tar emulsion protection for asphalt pavements.  Drying to a uniform black color it enhances the property’s appearance and value while offering long lasting protection.

ECONOCOAT derives its basic protective ability from coal tar which is noted for its inherent resistance to gasoline, oil and other petroleum derivatives.  Coal Tar Pitch, derived from coal, is made of heavy closed-ring hydrocarbon molecules.  The tar pitch function is to resist the very elements which attack and destroy asphalt pavements.

ECONOCOAT will insure complete protection for your parking area.  The durable bond, flexibility and resilience of the finished product along with its excellent resistance to petroleum products and wreathing will cut your maintenance costs to a minimum.

You have an investment to protect.  Econocoat protects it best.


GENERAL – The objective to applying ECONOCOAT Sealcoating to existing asphalt pavements is to prevent surface oxidation and to inhibit softening or erosion due to spillage or dripping of petroleum derivatives and to enhance the appearance of the building and property.

MATERIAL – ECONOCOAT (Pat. NO. 3897380) consists of a basic coal tar pitch emulsion containing not more than 53% water and not less than 47% non-volatile material and conforming to Federal Specification R-P 355.  In addition, the following additives shall be used: (1) Latex which will provide a thixotropic composition and being present by 2 to 4% of the coal tar pitch emulsion and having an butadine copolymer containing 30-49 parts acroylonitrile and 70-51 parts butadine; (3) water as needed for application consistency to assure uniform coverage on each coat.

SURFACE PREPARATION – The entire pavement area shall be clean and free of dirt or any loose material.  This is accomplished through the use of air blowers and wire brushes.  Some areas which have considerable buildups of grease and oil may require priming with a material which resist oil bleed-through.

Application –The minimum application rate is one-tenth of a gallon per square yard, each coat.  This material shall not be applied when weather observations indicate an imminent possibility of rain.  The material shall not be applied when the pavement or atmospheric temperatures are below 50° F. A 36 hour cure period is suggested.  One or two coats may be applied depending on the pavements needs and the customers’ desires.

Contractors who would sell you an installed sealcoat for asphalt pavements should be able to provide you with literature and specifications on their product.  Be careful when one contractor says he has the same product and services as another contractor at a lower cost to you.  Do not assume that the lower-priced material will meet the specifications of the higher-priced material.

ECONOCOAT is a PATENTED product simply because no other product compares with it.

(Patent NO. 3897380)