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The Process

As MU-MIX is a great additional add-on profit center with low overhead and capital outlay requirements, the best potential candidates for this business opportunity are existing businesses in the construction industry (regardless of trade or business size).
All potential licensees will be thoroughly screened and vetted.
The MU-MIX Corporation reserves the right to reject any potential licensee

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Join the MU-MIX Brand and become a MU-MIX Licensed Provider Today! Submit the below form to start the process. You will receive a MU-MIX Licensing Opportunity packet and a MU-MIX representative will reach out to you shortly.

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Startup Package

The MU-MIX Corporation focuses on success through a proven business model, corporate support, a variety of marketing recommendations, and the use of a high-quality and patented product.

The MU-MIX Corporation provides Licensee’s with the following:

  • A Protected License Agreement Territory
  • Access to the patented MU-MIX Additive
  • A tested and proven method of selling and installing MU-MIX
  • Professional training and installer certification
  • A Complete Startup Package
  • Marketing Guidelines Kit and Quick Tips

Tested and proven marketing campaigns based on 70 years’ success! (conventional and digital)
Our refined and proven marketing templates can be utilized as-is or tweaked to make your own. And of course, because this is YOUR business, you can choose not to utilize any of the provided templates. Templates include (but are not limited to): Yard signs, Direct mailers, Follow-up letters, Cover letters, proposals.

  • Personal log-in to the MU-MIX Licensee Web Portal
  • The MU-MIX Corporation’s dedication to helping entrepreneurs succeed

Recommended Equipment

While the MU-MIX Corporation does not provide all of the equipment/small tools utilized during the MU-MIX installation process, many existing construction businesses already have these items on hand. A MU-MIX License Holder should expect to have the following recommended equipment in-house or should expect to purchase them as part of your investment costs:

Crack Filling tools
Spray Tips
Pour Pots
Measuring Wheels
Hand Cleaners
Asphalt Lutes/Rakes
Hand Tampers
Traffic Stencils
Traffic Cones
Traffic Control Signs
Speed Bumps
Line Striping Machines
Parking Lot Blowers

Training & Support

The MU-MIX Corporation understands that comprehensive training and support are important elements to the success of a business. A MU-MIX License Holder has the backing and support of a company with 70 years of industry experience. Full training and support is provided at no extra cost.