Financial Overview

Investing in MU-MIX

Initial Investment required = $150K

Total Investment = $225K

Estimated time to earn back initial investment = 1 year


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Initial Investment



Additional Benefits

Financing Available along with Training & Marketing Kits

Low Risk Investment

If you already own a service business, this is a great additional profit center—the infrastructure from your existing business is already in place, drastically reducing your overhead and improving the gross profit of both entities.  In relation to PROFIT earned, the initial startup cost is extremely low.  Most licensees are able to earn back their initial investment after only one year.

  • The initial investment is $150,000, with total investment ranging between $200,000 – $225,000, depending on existing resources.  If financing is desired, consider the following options:
    • Secure a new business loan, personally guaranteeing the loan.
    • Using your existing equipment or real estate as collateral.
    • Using an investment or IRA account as collateral

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Other Costs

Licensing Agreement

$150,000 for the initial investment

Startup Materials Cost

$6,500 required purchasing to mix MU-MIX product. 

Small Tools

$5,000 cost may vary depending on existing resources

Tank and Trailer*

$35,000 cost may vary depending on existing resources or decision to build your own

*Tank and Trailer are required.  The MU-MIX Corporation has tanks/trailers available for sale for roughly $35,000 OR you can build your own. A one-ton pickup is more than adequate to pull the trailer, full of material. The tank is best placed on a triple axle trailer equipped to haul 21,000 lbs.


$10,000 cost


Required existing resource

Total Investment:

$200,000 – $225,000

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