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The MU-MIX Corporation divides states into territories based on populations that are designed to create an abundance of bid opportunity in a diverse demographically population for all License Agreements issued.

Broward County, Florida was the basis of the population breakdowns per state, where the population is roughly 1.9 million people. Broward County was a Walaschek family operation/location for over 50 years, which provided an abundance of bid opportunities, work completed and financial reward.

The MU-MIX Corporation guideline is to create territories with a minimum population base of 1.2 million, which will create an abundance of bid opportunities and work for the License holder.  This includes driveways for single-family homes and parking lots for apartments, condos, offices and retail/commercial properties. 

The MU-MIX Corporation may consider License Agreements in smaller markets to existing construction related businesses that are familiar with the demographics of their region.

Each license territory is protected from other MU-MIX License Agreement territories.

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