MU-MIX Additive II Product Data

Superior Additive for Coal Tar Emulsions

Product Description:

An admixture designed for use as a modifier for refined tar emulsions. Increases viscosity and facilitates better sand suspension while enhancing the performance characteristics of refined tar emulsions:


​The MU-MIX™ Additive represents a new and improved development in the field of coal tar emulsion protection for asphalt pavements. Drying to a uniform black color, it enhances the property’s appearance and value while offering long lasting protection under heavy traffic conditions.


The MU-MIX™ Additive derives its basic protective ability from coal tar which is noted for its inherent resistance to gasoline, oil and other petroleum derivatives. Coal tar pitch, derived from coal, is made of heavy closed-ring hydrocarbon molecules. The tar pitch function is to resist the very elements which attack and destroy asphalt pavements.


The MU-MIX™ Additive will ensure complete protection for your parking or driveway area. The durable bond, flexibility and resilience of the finished product, along with its excellent resistance to petroleum products and wreathing, will cut your maintenance costs to a minimum. You have an investment to protect and the MU-MIX™ Additive protects it best.



GENERAL — the objective to applying the MU-MIX™ Additive to existing asphalt pavements is to prevent surface oxidation and to inhibit softening or erosion due to spillage or dripping of petroleum derivatives and to enhance the appearance of the building and property.

MATERIAL — Mixing a general mix consists of 100 coal tar, 100 water, sand and 5% Mu-Mix Additive to coal tar. Up to 2-3 pounds of 40F Silica Sand per gallon of Coal Tar



The MU-MIX™ Additive is a superior product because of its traction responsive and oil/ gas resistant qualities, but also because it dries to a much harder finish than conventional sealcoatings, thus lasting much longer under the same traffic conditions.