All asphalt pavements eventually need to be replaced, but MU-MIX helps to defer that cost by providing heavy-duty overlay protection!  Sunlight, wind, rain, and changing temperatures cause asphalt to grow porous over time.  Gasoline and oil from daily traffic cause the pavement to soften and separate from its base.  Tiny cracks grow into minute crevices, which can eventually erode into deep potholes.  When asphalt pavements are worn down, property owners have two choices: replace or repair.  Replacing asphalt pavements require full removal and is an expensive and lengthy process.  Repairing asphalt pavements can lead property owners to conventional seal-coating, which only provides a temporary fix and begins to fade and deteriorate aggressively within 8 months.  MU-MIX lasts an average of 5 – 7 years, helps to prevent slips and falls, and is 70% more cost effective than asphalt removal/replacement.  Choose MU-MIX as your asphalt repair solution today and experience the MU-MIX Advantage!