The MU-MIX Advantage

For the License Holder

Becoming a MU-MIX License Holder enables you to install the only heavy-duty overlay for asphalt pavement in the industry!

Today, there are nearly 4 million miles of road, more than 17,000 airport runways, tens of thousands of parking lots, and countless millions of driveways in need of maintenance, resurfacing, and periodic resealing. Add to these the growing maintenance requirements of bike paths, tennis courts, running tracks and other sport surfaces, and the demand for quality pavement resurfacing services expands astronomically.

As a MU-MIX License Holder, you’ll provide the most cost effective and durable solution in this huge market!

The MU-MIX License Agreement Territories allow for exceptional growth potential. The size of territory and the ever-increasing need for asphalt pavement maintenance are just a few of the reasons why becoming a MU-MIX License Holder is a highly attractive business opportunity.
As a MU-MIX License Holder, you’ll receive a Startup Package (which includes a Marketing Kit based on 70 years of success!), comprehensive hands-on training, and corporate support.

As MU-MIX is a great additional add-on profit center with low overhead and capital outlay requirements, the best potential candidates for this business opportunity are existing businesses in the construction industry (regardless of trade or business size). Becoming a MU-MIX License Holder allows you to be associated with the established MU-MIX product and methods.

Additional Advantages of becoming a MU-MIX License Holder:

• Returning customer base: Repeat customers every 5 – 7 years
• This product is very specialized – yet extremely easy to install, own and operate.
• This is a low risk business in relation to other service improvement businesses.
• Protected License Agreement Territories with a minimum population base of 1.2 million, creating an abundance of bid opportunities and work for the License holder.
• Low working capital required, pre-work deposits and full payment upon completion.
• MU-MIX is a great additional profit center if you already own a service business. The infrastructure from your existing business is already in place, reducing your overhead and improving the gross profit of both entities.
• Depending how the License Holder wants to operate the business, only 2-3 employees are needed.
• The way you operate YOUR business is your choice – take an aggressive approach to growth, or simply use the opportunity as an additional source of income.
• Licenses are non-transferrable unless explicitly approved by The MU-MIX Corporation.
• The MU-MIX Corporation will provide you with business development guidelines that have worked for the past 70 years. Our Startup Package (which includes a Marketing Kit) helps you create a structured sales model which targets long term growth opportunities in your license territory.

For the Customer

Cost Advantages

  • THE preferred substitute for asphalt removal/replacement
  • 70% more cost effective than asphalt removal/replacement
  • Savings on asphalt maintenance / repair
  • Postpones the need for asphalt removal/replacement or resurfacing for an average of 5 – 7 years.

Curb Appeal

  • There is no mess or landscaping required. MU-MIX is a clean and painless process.
  • Oil and gas resistant, ensuring your asphalt remains jet black for 7+ years.
  • Protects and seals existing asphalt surfaces, preserving its life cycle.

Other Benefits

  • Applied directly over existing asphalt surfaces resulting in quick application and low interruption time to Owner
  • Typically, our product is installed in one day and owners can drive on it within 2-3 days.
  • Traction coating prevents slips and falls on your property.
  • MU-MIX meets strict FAA specifications and has been used in warm and cold weather climates since 1952.

All asphalt pavements eventually need to be replaced, but MU-MIX helps to defer that cost by providing heavy-duty overlay protection! Sunlight, wind, rain, and changing temperatures cause asphalt to grow porous over time. Gasoline and oil from daily traffic cause the pavement to soften and separate from its base. Tiny cracks grow into minute crevices, which can eventually erode into deep potholes. When asphalt pavements are worn down, property owners have two choices: replace or repair. Replacing asphalt pavement requires full removal and is an expensive and lengthy process. Repairing asphalt pavements can lead property owners to conventional sealcoating, which only provides a temporary fix and begins to fade and deteriorate aggressively within 8 months. MU-MIX lasts an average of 5 – 7 years, helps to prevent slips and falls, and is 70% more cost effective than asphalt removal/replacement. Choose MU-MIX as your asphalt repair solution today and experience the MU-MIX Advantage!